wordpress plugins Guest Writer plugin(wp)This product is plugin for WordPress. This plugin is for the user posting from the front end. That Post will go for approval and after approval some point will be allotted to that user credit point based on posting. User can get points if some other user will comment on that post or share that post with social media. Onthe admin side Administrator can change points which are given to the users. Users member level can change based on their credit points. And admin can also change member level. And user can buy credit point for member level through PayPal.

chatcat plugin cmsChatcat pluginsThis product for chatting on different CMS and forum sites like Drupal, vBulletin, WordPress, Joomla and MyBB. This plugin for chatting on all users, which are online on your site. It works with www.chatcat.io api key. Generate API key on that site with your domain and use that API key in this plugin and enjoy chatting site. Admin can set the API key from backend. If Admin Not set API key, then users can chat with chatcat. I users else If admin set the API key, thenusers can chat with those domain site users.

vend and zencart integration pluginVend and Zencart Integration PluginThis product is for zencart. This product is plugin for zencart product and Vend product integrations. Vend is an online POS system. It is store of products. Through this plugins we fetch all products from Vend and set on the Zencart for sell. Through that plugin we can synchronies users and others also. There is a cron job file which fetches all orders from Vend POS to Zen Cart