Do you want to integrate your Moodle site with external world or any on-demand external tools!!!

We worked on the Moodle Integration using a Process called single sign-on!!!

How SSO Work:

We can help you to get Moodle integrated with multiple open source software easily & you don’t have to maintain multiple registrations & login information to enter into Moodle from other external web application.

Process Involved for SSO Development (Auto Enrollment)-

– Once the User enrolled at (Technology)- Redirected to Moodle

– Then Moodle to their account

– No login required anymore

We perform multiple integrations with Moodle, you can check here.


What we offer
  • Zend Integration.
  • Laravel Integration.
  • Codeignitor Integration.
  • YII Integration.
  • Cake PHP Integration.

With the help of single sign-on you can quickly enter into it using one time username and password, you generated on external software. Depending on software to integrate, we can also exchange other information such as payments, grades, certificates, etc.

Although we provide complimentary standard Moodle support to our clients which include the operational support, technical support, bug fixing, but sometimes customers require an extended support that may include usability issues, administrative tasks or consultation.

You can go through the technology list with which we have done Moodle Integration yet. This helps you to make efficient and easy platform and keep the user actively wondering across the platform and use it to achieve prosperous results.

This helps to achieve User retention and cross cut the work flow and enhance the turnaround time which double up the business and scale up things. Automation make things easy.

We at Virasat Solutions, perform Moodle Integration with various technologies and not limited to tech site, We do Moodle SSO integration with CRM, ERP and HRMS and many other on-demand services.


If we talk about Moodle Support we provide our services at no cost for one month. To get more details on how to subscribe for these services, please contact us.