Moodle is an open source program with its ease of accessibility. Moodle as learning management system is a perfect open source platform to explore existing things. We can explore its code anywhere as per our needs.

What we offer
New Plugin development

Plugin Development Service Provider

We accept challenge to write tricky code steps and finally come out with a bunch of codes that are good enough to emerge as functionality in the shape of plug-in. No doubt, it’s a perfect small code to produce the right set of output to meet project requirements.

Existing Plugin Customization

Plugin Customization Service Provider

Sometimes we customize existing plug-in code rather than to write too much steps again. It will help us to save time & we deliver what our client need from us in minimum time period. After all utility is satisfied we submit it to Moodle.

We all face same throughout our development journey that some of all open source platforms are not well managed or there is no system for management of various aspects, but if you scan Moodle then you will find that this thing is totally wrong with this great platform. You will get amazed to know that there is a special Moodle department that is taking care of the quality of products that people submit here and give a proper support to them.

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If you want to learn Moodle plug-in system, then there is no other solution you can just start from tiny codes and explore/customize for any solution. If you check the Moodle directory, then you will find that there are more than 800 plugins available for various possible functionalities, you can customize them and will meet your expectations.