Social networking is an effective means of communication in this modern life where people can come together participate in discussions, forums, chat and can acquire a list of services over the internet with possible costs. The way of communication is completely transformed by Social Networking. Reason behind the popularity of Social Networking is its advance characteristic of sharing ideas and messages or anything else at very negligible charges. We at Virasat solution offer Social networking applications with given starred features.

What we offer
  • Social community development.
  • Customized look and integrated search option.
  • Community Portal development.
  • High privacy and security.
  • Yellow pages driven portals development.
  • Easy Communication interface and live chat.
  • Developing applications with photo sharing and social networking features.
  • Options of Comment, Rating, Like etc.
  • Developing community portals for wireless and mobile devices.
  • Integration of social networking features in enterprise applications.
Social Development
Our Portfolio
  • Web Sidekicks
  • socigroups
  • sameroute
  • quipler
  • petmetric
  • nietaleenmet
  • my record
  • Mainvue
  • groove river
  • freedawn
  • Fit for Green