Social networking is an effective means of communication in this modern life where people can come together participate in discussions, forums, chat and can acquire a list of services over the internet with possible costs. The It is a social networking framework. It provides the necessary functionality to allow you to run your own social networking site, whether publicly (like Facebook) or internally on a networked intranet (like Microsoft Sharepoint)!

Why Elgg?

Because Elgg provides a very good basic infrastructure and a lot of default features Elgg is a great platform to build communities with. One of the big differences compared to traditional Content Management Systems is that Elgg is building from the ground up as a social network. This approach centralizes users and their relations instead of content.

What we offer
  • Elgg design and development.
  • Elgg Template Integration.
  • Custom theme design & development.
  • Elgg customization.
  • Elgg PHP 5 based Website.
  • Custom plugin Development.
  • Plugin customization.
  • Elgg web app Development.
  • Elgg Bug Fixing.
  • Highly secured and comprehensive design control.
  • Customization services for Plug-ins, widgets and themes.
  • Technical Support and maintenance services.
  • Personal blog development services.
  • Elgg Network Website Application Development.
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