Drupal 10 vs Drupal 9

Drupal 10:

Drupal 10 was released back on 14th December 2022, since then it has already gained huge amount of popularity among the global Drupal community as it has a feature which guarantees the automated updates. This feature makes the website improvements more convenient than ever before. Developers for instance, can certify that early upgrades mostly got rid of the deprecated code.

drupal-10 fratures

Drupal’s Founder Dries Buytaert in a recent talk regarding the Drupal 10 said, “The big news here is that the upgrade to Drupal 9 was already easy, but the upgrade to Drupal 10 will be even easier.”

Drupal 10 comes with next level modernized look and a future-proof platform upgrade. This update has make it even more easier and fun working with new initiative includes automated updates, usability-focused updates, decoupled menus, advanced JavaScript components, smooth integration etc.

Drupal 9 vs Drupal 10
  • The Claro admin theme is introduced in Drupal 10 as it replaces the Seven theme of Drupal 9. This is developed for smooth admin experience and easy backend development.
  • Enhanced Layout Builder and Media Library are introduced on Drupal 10 which will help editors and content management team.
  • New Olivero default theme is introduced knocking off the existing Bartik theme. This is done for providing best UI interface and according to the use of all the age groups.
  • Theme Starter Kit and tools for creating more customizing themes. By using it you can Bespoke theme creation and make site responsive.
  • Symfony 5 or 6 is required (replacing Symfony 4 which will end its life in November 2023) and PHP 8.1 or update version will be mandatory for system security reasons.
  • Replacing the jQuery UI with other modern JavaScript components and discontinuing Internet Explorer 11. This is done because of the raising popularity of the React, Vue, Angular and much more frameworks like this.
  • CKEditor 5 for a glorified authoring and editing experience (replacing CKEditor 4). As well as, it we will also have features like copy-paste which will make it much more like word or google docs.


Drupal 10 will be an upgrade from Drupal 9 and it will remove the deprecated code as have its previous versions have but this will not be all. It will also have much more features, out of box thinking, automatic upgradation and more user-friendly. It will become more popular because of the framework integration like React, Vue, Angular etc.

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