A virtual room with Moodle & BigBlueButton

BigBlueButton offers a veritable virtual room. BigBlueButton permits users:

1. To hold conferences with video (and audio)

2. To do “whiteboard-style,” displays

3. To share the contents of their screen with others

4. To share PDF and Microsoft workplace documents

5. To use a conversation window

6. To record the conferences

The moderator of a BigBlueButton internet conference will mute the microphones of the attendees (or re-establish their speaking rights) and designate an additional presenter. The presenter will transfer slideshows and manage the movement through the presentation.

An open system:

BigBlueButton is associate open different to Skype, Via or Adobe Connect. It may be even as helpful for a gathering between two folks as for an entire cluster of participants.

Moodle Integration:

Moodle Integration: If you’ve access to each Moodle and BigBlueButton, you will integrate these two platforms. This permits you to use BigBlueButton inside Moodle. This approach provides the advantage of gathering all of your activities in one spot.

It’s a significant advantage of exploitation, BigBlueButton!

The academic will organize synchronous activities with her or his students that an integrated at the side of asynchronous activities. This is often valuable since it’s solely on the market to the scholars within the category and avoids having to use a parallel registration method.

There are two ways in which you’ll acquire access to BigBlueButton:

Install BigBlueButton on an obsessive server. This involves startup prices (and maintenance costs), however, there are not any subscription fees, since BigBlueButton may be a free and an open supply package.

Access BigBlueButton through a paid subscription to a provider like Blind Side Networks

If you’re inquisitive about BigBlueButton, reach out to us Virasat Solutions.