Want to work more efficiently from anywhere? With Moodle Dropbox integration you can upload and submit files and reports from Moodle to Dropbox easily. You can get full and instant access to your Dropbox account from Moodle! Moodle GoToWebinar Features:

What we offer


moodle dropbox integration

Dropbox with Moodle

Your Dropbox account is linked to Moodle via a repository, meaning you have unrestricted access to all of your Dropbox files from Moodle.

User Friendly integration

The integration is easy to set up, very user-friendly and provides you with instant file management access.


Dropbox Moodle Integration


Moodle Dropbox Repository

Collaborate, Access and Share your content

Several people can collaborate on the same file at once because of shared folders, and instructors can initiate collaboration at any time by uploading a file for teammates to share and edit – without starting off a long and tedious email chain. This also helps to keep your files centralized within Moodle.

SSO (Single Sign On) Between Moodle and Dropbox

Sign into your Dropbox account from Moodle, without the need to enter more login details. Users who are logged into Moodle are automatically signed into their Dropbox account at the click of a button on the dashboard thanks to SSO.


Moodle Dropbox Single Sign On SSO