WebEx Moodle Integration

Is it true that you are hoping to support your internet learning and preparing program? Our Moodle WebEx joining gives exactly what you need. The unlined combination of WebEx and Moodle upgrades clients' internet learning experience, while simultaneously giving dynamic and intelligent web-based preparing condition for all partners in an association.

WebEx Moodle Integration Features

Advanced registration, tracking and reporting

Educators can record their exercises as they instruct them. These meetings can be made accessible following the exercise to be viewed at the understudy's comfort. Well, that is one element that will enable the clients to do self-managed e-learning. This is a valuable component given that a specific student can't go to the meetings live.

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Training sessions can be recorded without leaving Moodle

The Moodle WebEx incorporation gets the opportunities for the moderator to pick either the PC's mic or speakers for conveying the online class. On the off chance that the moderator needs to utilize the choice of video conferencing, he can do that also utilizing a webcam.

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Webex conferencing within Moodle

Webex conferencing meetings can be planned and live conferencing meetings can be joined, all from inside Moodle and with no compelling reason to switch stages. With Single Sign-On (SSO) between Moodle Webex, your clients wouldn't require an extra arrangement of accreditations to bounce among Moodle and Webex. It would likewise mean upgraded security and better client experience.

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Single Sign-on (SSO) between Webex and Moodle

Utilize only one ID to sign in to Moodle and WebEx, and effectively switch between the two with only a single tick as the Moodle mix stores your WebEx username and secret key. No requirement for the clients to recollect an extra arrangement of certifications, in addition to it gives a superior security layer.

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Bottom line? Moodle WebEx integration serves as a fantastic tool to connect people into a meeting that is geographically away. The best part is the configuration process of the integration is simple, short and straightforward.

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