Are you looking to boost your online learning and training program? Our Moodle WebEx integration provides just what you need. The unlined integration of WebEx and Moodle enhances users’ online learning experience, while at the same time providing dynamic and interactive online training environment for all stakeholders in an organization.

What we offer

WebEx Moodle Integration

Advanced registration, tracking and reporting

Instructors are able to record their lessons as they teach them. These sessions can be made available immediately after the lesson to be watched at the student’s convenience. Now that’s one feature which will help the users do self paced elearning. This is an useful feature given that a particular learner is not able to attend the sessions live.

Training sessions can be recorded without leaving Moodle

The Moodle GoToWebinar integration brings in the possibility for the presenter to choose either the computer’s mic or speakers for delivering the webinar. If the presenter wants to use the option of video conferencing, he can do that as well using a webcam.

WebEx Session record feature

WebEx Moodle Conference

Webex conferencing within Moodle

Webex conferencing sessions can be scheduled and live conferencing sessions can be joined, all from within Moodle and with no need to switch platforms. With Single Sign On (SSO) between Moodle Webex, your users wouldn’t need additional set of credentials to jump between Moodle and Webex. It would also mean enhanced security and better user experience.

Single Sign-on (SSO) between Webex and Moodle

Use just one ID to log into Moodle and WebEx, and easily switch between the two with just one click as the Moodle integration stores your WebEx username and password. No need for the users to remember an additional set of credentials, plus it gives a better security layer.

WebEx Moodle Single Sign On SSO