We developed Moodle OneDrive integration let you help to synchronize login credentials, calendars and any courses you create, plus a host of other workflow improvements. For Moodle we offer integration with OneDrive for Business, OneNote and Office 365 Outlook calendar and much more. Moodle and OneDrive Integration features:

What we offer

OneDrive Moodle Single Sign On Integration

Moodle, OneDrive and Single Sign-On

OneDrive and Moodle integration includes Single Sign-On with Office 365 accounts. This means users only need one ID to log into both platforms.

Office 365 Outlook Calendar Integration

With Moodle we offer integration with 365 Outlook, ensuring event synchronization between students and instructors, and easy tracking of courses and due dates using Outlook Calendars.

Moodle Outlook Calendar Integration

Moodle Office PowerPoint Integration

Integration with Office PowerPoint and Office Mix

Use OneDrive to embed business content – such as Audio, Video and Digital Ink – that has been created using Office 365 PowerPoint with Office Mix into Moodle.


Moodle Office OneNote Integration

Our Moodle integration means that assignments that are created in Office 365 OneNote can be shared with ease. Students can also request feedback, interact with one another through comments, complete tasks and even submit their work.

Moodle Office OneNote Integration

Moodle OneDrive Integration

Moodle + OneDrive features in one solution

One of the most popular Cloud services is now integrated with Moodle. Our Learning Management system now works seamlessly with OneNote, OneDrive, Office 365 Outlook and PowerPoint with Office Mix.