Drupal is an open source content management systems widely used across the world for creating and managing various web solutions. Drupal Moodle integration enhance your e learning experience with Drupal services and provide you instant access to elearning content and the ability to create/ assign courses from the Drupal platform. Drupal Moodle Integration Features:

What we offer

drupal consulting services

View Courses in Drupal

Thanks to SSO you only need one set of login details to gain access to all training material in Moodle and manage your elearners’ performance.

Single Sign On (SSO)

One set of login details is all you need to access elearning content from Drupal in Moodle.

moodle drupal single sign on integration


moodle cms customization


When a course or course package is purchased it is automatically made available to the elearner or elearners that you choose.

eCommerce Integration

Increase your revenue through Drupal Moodle eCommerce integration which lets you sell your courses online.

Drupal Moodle eCommerce integration

Drupal moodle user synchronization

User Synchronization

Relevant information, such as user data, is pushed automatically between the two platforms. This exchange keeps information between the two platforms up to date.