Our Process

An organized development process is as necessary for delivering quality work on time similarly, building a software, web and mobile applications from scratch. All the stages in the process of change are equally important for a successful delivery.

Virasat solutions working Process
  • 1. Requirements of Project

    The Client provides us their requirements for the projects. If they do not have any documentation, we help them and prepare it.

  • 2. Project Action Plan

    Our Business Analysts embrace the most useful information from the demands and present it in a more formal Project Action Plan.

  • 3. Client's Approval

    All we get to know our client’s answer that we need to start the project on their approval. As we get the Client’s approval on the provisions.

  • 4. Project Time & Cost

    We then discuss requirement specifications with the Project Manager and development of Team Leads to estimate the project’s time and cost.

  • 5. Finalization of Deal

    I send a comprehensive quote with the project contract to the client Meetings, follow this to discuss the project & completely seal the deal.

  • 6. Milestone Payment

    As our milestone set according to the client’s project. I will release payment as per the project’s milestones.

  • 7. Project Design

    Project design the initial phase where the project’s structure, the key to success & all deliverables are worked out. We put our all effects on design to satisfy the client.

  • 8. Alpha & Beta Releases

    I show alpha and Beta releases to the client during the development phase. Because of these tests performed to identify bugs before releasing the services to our clients.

  • 9. Reviews Exchanged

    Reviews/Testimonials are removed with the client and we sign the project off. As we all do for our client’s satisfaction.

  • 10. Code Transfer

    Once all the tasks are finished  according to the Project Action Plan, are presented, and we transfer the code to the client’s host against the rest of the funds.

Our Enterprise Application Development Process

Being an enterprise application development company, we understand the needs of businesses and implement solutions to match. Through two decades of operation in the domain, we have mastered a process that ensures high efficiency and productivity for your solution.

Requirement & Analysis

Requirement & Analysis

  • Requirement gathering
  • Analysis & Proposal
  • Architecture & Design
  • Agreement & Approvals
  • Milestone Stages
Deployment & Hand Over

Deployment & Hand Over

  • Coding & development
  • Testing/Quality Check
  • Feedback
  • Documentation & deployment
Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

  • Performance & Security
  • Technical help &
    Bug fixing
  • Upgrading & Migration
  • Emergency support 24*7

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We’ll bring our excellent Web developers and assets to shoulder for your venture. Our engineers have the skill important to make viable, refined website arrangements.

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