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Our Moodle SharePoint integration makes enable users to access SharePoint from inside Moodle. Its seamless integration provide the ability to create, collaborate, share, discover, organize and manage content that was created within SharePoint directly from Moodle.Moodle SharePoint Integration Features:

What we offer

User Synchronization Moodle SharePoint

User Synchronization

The integration automatically syncs new users between Moodle and Microsoft SharePoint. So, whenever a new user is created in MS Sharepoint, it gets replicated in Moodle. This reduces the time required to manually create users in both the platforms. Also, the errors associated with replicating the exact data for a particular user in both the platforms remains to the minimum.

Content Creation and Collaboration

It’s easy to import content that you have created in SharePoint to Moodle, and this content is fully editable. This makes it easy for the LMS admin to create content in one platform and collaborate it with the other platform. It saves him the time that would have gone waste if it was not for this feature.

Moodle SharePoint Collaboration

Single Sign On (SSO) between SharePoint and Moodle

Single Sign On (SSO) between SharePoint and Moodle

Sign in to Microsoft SharePoint with a single click from Moodle’s dashboard. No need to enter another username or password thanks to SSO. SSO in Moodle Sharepoint enables users to access Sharepoint from Moodle with just one set of credentials. SSO also brings better security and efficiency in terms reduced instances of lost passwords, invalid passwords etc.

SharePoint embedded within Moodle

Get to SharePoint from Moodle, meaning you never have to switch between platforms. This inbuilt characteristic makes life easy for the users as well the admins, given that the user and courses sync, while the result of elearning initiatives can be drawn out from Moodle into Sharepoint.

SharePoint embedded within Moodle