Do you like to have your eLearning Courses and training courses based on OpenCart? Our innovative integration within OpenCart and Moodle create a powerful storefront for your training products and allows you start selling them online seamlessly. This helps and offers you to import Moodle courses directly into your OpenCart store hassle free and users can automatically enrolled into Moodle courses purchased from your OpenCart store. Our OpenCart LMS Integration consisting of various features that are:

What we offer

moodle opencart SSO Single Sign On

Automatic Enrollment & Single Sign On (SSO)

Easily access the OpenCart platform from Moodle, and with SSO there is no need to enter any more credentials.

To reduces your effort and privilege sharing, Our platform allows you to login to OpenCart at single click. Access on one of the OpenCart Apps allows you directly reach to Moodle or Courses that’s called as Single Sign On and saves your time. This also provides readymade integration with various external service providers.

Seamless Plugins Development(SSO)

We at Virasat Solutions believe in innovation and develop various seamless plugins that is customizable, multi-User capable with high level of security and consisting of consistent and flexible design.

These are bits of software that helps to expand and extend the functionality of a website. Plugins are highly packed with popular features that boost website’s SEO and usability. The custom plugins support the user requirements and work in the way the website owner wants. Choosing a Custom plugin Development Service for any website absolutely make sense.


moodle opencart plugin development


moodle opencart ecommerce solution

Revenue Generation & Enhancement

We at Virasat believe in innovation and never want to annoy our clients with the existing templates or pre-built themes and templates, We love to develop a new & unique look which attracts the user and derive more & more traffic and this developed by Our well expert team of developers having best experiences of these technology and eCommerce.

We too help in making Inventory which updates the User about the processes worked across and complete data in various reporting format which helps to analyze the business and trends and decide the proceedings & next strategy.

Seamless Integration

We develop the process where a new module or feature of an application or hardware is added or integrated without resulting in any discernable errors or complications. This makes it easy to connect different software applications. Seamless integration is the result of careful planning which may even have started during the design phase of the system or application.

This simply means that whatever change is being applied to a system, it happens without any negative impact resulting from the integration. It is often used in the context of software and systems development, as well as for computer hardware.


moodle opencart integration


moodle opencart development solution

Strong Community Development

We at Virasat Solutions develop a platform or Community platform and provides various features to have Seamless Intercom Chat which makes them easier & effective for social conversation and networking.

This helps to build a team or community, share their own priorities and enhance the business. As per research, There is nothing bigger than socialization and Networking business.