WordPress is utilized by millions to create and update web content in more user friendly environment. Moodle WordPress integration gives instant access to your Moodle elearning content through WordPress platform where you will be able to view and assign courses, can sell them online.Moodle WordPress Integration Features:

What we offer


Moodle WordPress Courses

View Courses in WordPress

Via a tab in WordPress you can access all of your elearning content, letting you view and assign courses and manage performance and progress without having to leave the platform.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Once logged into WordPress you can access your training via a tab on the WordPress dashboard, without the need to enter any extra login details.


Moodle WordPress Single Sign On SSO


Moodle WordPress Auto Enrollment


Auto-Enrollment means any time you purchase a course or package of courses your learners are immediately enrolled as soon as the payment is processed.

eCommerce Integration

Sell your courses online with Moodle WordPress eCommerce integration, bringing your company an extra revenue stream.


Moodle WordPress eCommerce integration


Moodle WordPress User Synchronization

User Synchronization

Important information like user and progress data is automatically synchronized between the two platforms with Moodle WordPress User Data Synchronization.