Moodle WordPress Integration

Do you like to have your Moodle course as a product on WP eCommerce? Our innovative integration within WP eCommerce and Moodle creates a powerful storefront for your training products and allows you to start selling them online seamlessly. This helps and offers you to import Moodle courses directly into your WP eCommerce store hassle-free and users can automatically enroll in Moodle courses purchased from your WP eCommerce store. WP eCommerce and Moodle joining open up the likelihood to sell the Moodle courses online from inside the Moodle. This advantages the client in expanding their income by selling different courses alongside the auto-enrolment process.

SSO Single Sign On

This is an authentication process in which a user can access multiple applications and/or websites by using only the same set of login credentials. This prevents the need for the user to log in separately into the different applications. Single Sign-On addresses the challenges of maintaining the credentials for each application separately,

  • Users that register on WPcommerce to take or purchase a course get automatically registered on the Moodle LMS.
  • It allows users with an option to log in to both websites with the same credentials.
  • On logout, it will logout from both the systems.
  • It allows users to directly register on WordPress and Moodle simultaneously using their Google or Facebook account
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Course Synchronization

  • course categories created on the Moodle website can be synchronized to the Word Press
  • This integration allows moodle courses to be sold on WPcommerce as products.
  • Any courses added on moodle will be popup as a product on your eCommerce site.
  • You can control which category’s courses and products to be controlled.
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  • This integration allows users to get auto-enroll inside the courses on moodle that they have purchased on your eCommerce platform like WPcommerce after making successful payments.
  • You can control the auto-enrollment/registration process by using is enable/disable feature provided by this solution.
  • You can enroll/unroll students form WordPress and it will reflect on moodle as well.
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Students can be automatically enrolled to Moodle from Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Custom Reports

  • Using its custom report function you can see the courses purchased data by users can be viewed under your WordPress website.
  • All E-Learning activity reports can be seen on the Moodle site.
  • All reports are drill down and you can view in-depth.
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Online Payment Modes

  • It is supported by multiple payment gateways with multiple currencies
  • Users will browse through the direct purchase the course of their interest.
  • Users can use various payment methods like debit, credit & net banking.
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Multi Tenancy

  • An advanced version of this solution will enable users to buy multiple copies of courses and to distribute them among their employees/students/children.
  • In this Multi-tenancy section, they can manage the copies courses and enroll/unroll their users from using this feature.
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Bundle of Products

  • This allows us to sell multiple courses as one product/course that is called a bundle of products.
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Moodle Integration with Office PowerPoint and Office Mix

WordPress and Moodle Integration gives a strong platform

If you a Moodle user, who creates courses and needs a strong integration with WordPress to sell them.
Then you’re at the proper place Virasat Solutions is that the only WordPress plugin that gives stable and robust integration between the 2 platforms. Virasat Solutions provides the required platform for you to sell your Moodle courses through payment gateway PayPal.

Top Features To Sell Your Moodle Courses Better

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  • Integration between Moodle and WordPress
  • Import your Moodle courses to WordPress
  • Synchronize Moodle course categories to WordPress
  • Set the Moodle courses as a draft
  • Sell courses through WordPress & take its payments by PayPal
  • Synchronize enrolled course data for users


  • Automation user registration in Moodle
  • Enable/Disable registration to courses
  • Identical login credentials to access courses in Moodle
  • Set course access time from WordPress
  • Update previously synchronized courses
  • Enroll / Unenroll users from WordPress
  • Provide a Refund to your students from WordPress
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  • Now connect single Moodle site with multiple WordPress
  • Courses from a single Moodle site could be sold through multiple WordPress sites
  • Automated two-way synchronization between each WordPress site and your Moodle site
  • Secured and efficient transfer of information across sites
  • Course Progress of student synced from Moodle to WordPress

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Hiring a developer for your project to satisfy your complete Integration development requirements at a lower cost. Our experts are extensively trained to handle strict deadlines. Virasat Solutions has an unbeatable record of completing projects on time. our guaranteed Moodle developer execute all industry with a 100% achievement.

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