GoToTraining is online training software lets you hold interactive training sessions with up to 200 people. We’ve developed multiple solutions that integrate GoToTraining with Moodle LMS with different features.Take the power of GoToTraining into Moodle with one of the world’s leading online training software systems.We can say ith Moodle GoToTraining integration; it is possible for the learner to reuse content such as training materials, tests, surveys and recordings later as per their time convenience. Some of Moodle GoToTraining integration features includes:

What we offer


Moodle GoTo Training Integration

Record your training

Moodle GoToTraining integration gives you the opportunity to record the live training sessions with just one single click. The recordings can be viewed and used later as per the learner’s convenience without leaving the Moodle platform.

Single Sign On

Gone are the times when hopping credentials to login into multiple applications was needed. Now are the days of Single Sign On (SSO). With this, you can login into GoToTraining with a single instance of the Moodle.


Moodle GoTo Training Single-Sign-On SSO