Moodle SugarCRM Integration

Accumulate your training with Moodle SugarCRM integration for your employees and partners. Moodle SugarCRM integration makes your training more innovative, readily accessible and relevant for all users. It is Moodle SugarCRM connector/API which enable you to access Moodle directly from your SugarCRM dashboard and provide complete and seamless integration. Moodle SugarCRM Integration Features:

Training Embedded in SugarCRM

From SugarCRM you can undoubtedly get to the client, representative and accomplice preparing, with positively no compelling reason to switch between the two stages.

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Single Sign On (SSO) between Moodle and SugarCRM

With one simple click in Moodle gain access to SugarCRM – and vice versa – with no need to enter any further login details.

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Use Training Data to Run Advanced Reports in SugarCRM

Our mix implies that information starting from Moodle can be utilized to run propelled custom reports in SugarCRM.

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Understudies can be enlisted from SugarCRM to Moodle dependent on client profile fields

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