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    We at Virasat Solutions are highly experienced & skilled in Moodle development and customization, dedicated to to meet the educational objectives of higher education establishments, universities, high schools, primary schools, and businesses/corporations.

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    Services Offered as Moodle Experts

    Virasat Solutions offer a wide scope of subjects and marking choices of Moodle Development services. So that your website is Ready to Use, Easy, Quick, Simple and Customization topics according to customer requirement with a recent structure for your site. And Satisfy your requirements–from an Initial instruction of your Moodle site through to processing support as and when you need it just as experienced help.

    Moodle LMS Development

    eCommerce Web Development & Customization

    Our Moodle consultants are skillful in developing tailor-made solutions and various third party integrations and plugin development. We bring Innovation to digital space and upgrade the education system.

    Custom Modules Development

    Plug-ins & Module Development

    We at Virasat Solutions, develop custom modules for Moodle involves creating plugins that extend the core functionalities of the Moodle platform.

    Moodle Maintenance & Support

    Maintenance & Support_services

    We provide customized support & maintenance packages that suit our client requirements, giving monthly/yearly support contracts.

    Moodle Plugins Development

    Responsive Shopping Website

    We develop customized, bespoke and feature-centric Moodle plugins. Custom plugins will extend the features and fill the expectations.

    Custom API Integration


    Through API we connect two unique systems together. We are integrating third-party Moodle APIs and also develop and customize accordingly as per the demand.

    Moodle Upgradation


    We are doing Moodle upgradation from Moodle 2* to Moodle 3* and Moodle 3* to Moodle 4*. Not just upgrades, we make sure assets compatible with all latest versions.

    Moodle Theme Customization


    Choose from us on the market variety of themes in designed & developed by our Designers. The creative team of Virasat Solutions has successfully delivered several creative LMS theme designs! We provide on-demand services as per requirements,

    SSO with Moodle

    CMS Development services

    We at Virasat Solutions, provide streamline access to your LMS, CMS and other critical applications in your environment via SSO. We implement single sign-on (SSO) to reduce login fatigue and make accessibility simpler

    Moodle Hosting Services

    WordPress Personal blog development

    We offer a host of superior Moodle sites for organizations of all sizes. We have a tendency to take the IT burden. And always by accepting you to focus a lot on instructional development.

    Moodle Mobile App Development

    ecommerce Mobile Apps Development

    Our Moodle development team has extensive experience in developing bespoke Moodle™ LMS and mobile applications based on your unique business requirements.

    Custom Dashboards & Reports

    Payment Gateway Integration

    We create customized dashboard where users can see their courses list on their dashboard and show all the courses in which they enrol a user as an given role. The user can also see their reports on their dashboard.

    Moodle Consulting and Training

    Finalization of Deal

    With tried experience in providing E-Learning Services like development, support, theme and integrations to consumers primarily based in India and within the international market, we have a tendency to work closely with you in giving the most recent learning tools in your learning platform.

    Why Virasat Solutions?

    As a leading moodle development agency what our expert moodle developer brings to the table is rich technical expertise in developing Moodle applications or customizations to provide optimal outputs as per the requirements.
    Moodle 2.9*, Moodle 3* & Moodle 4* - No matter whatever the version is, Moodle offers a wide range of features with unmatched flexibility to get it customized as per the needs.

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    Moodle Integrations

    Moodle Integration is the uniting of Moodle with creative projects, so they work all together. We can coordinate Moodle with a combination of creative projects to address unusual issues of a site. Moodle is a free and open-source learning the board framework that permits instructors, of any sort, to make a private space on the web, loaded up with devices that make courses and exercises, all planned for shared learning.

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    Moodle Expertise Available

    Moodle Developer

    A Moodle developer is responsible for designing, developing, and implementing e-learning solutions using the Moodle LMS. Their duties range from installing and configuring Moodle software to creating custom plugins, themes, and integrations with other systems.

    Senior Moodle Developer

    As a Senior Moodle Developer, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining our custom Moodle-based application. You will work closely with our academic facilitators, designers and team of developers to create high-quality, scalable, and robust e-learning solutions.

    Moodle Full Stack Developers

    As an expert full stack PHP developer you will be leading our Moodle devops squad in implementing online learning platforms, including design and custom development of new Moodle plugins, integrations, and extensions of Moodle’s API, etc.

    Moodle Solutions Architect

    Moodle consultants act as hands-on solution architects, advising on optimal infrastructure and installation options based on your specific needs.

    Moodle DevOps Engineer

    Moodle DevOps Engineer closely work with the Moodle Research team to build, develop and maintain LLM-based agent services that perform a variety of useful tasks within the company. Responsibilities: Be responsible for common architecture and stacks. Design, creation, and provisioning of infrastructure.

    Moodle Security specialist

    Moodle Security specialists are responsible for implementing and overseeing an organization’s security systems. They install, program, and maintain automated systems, including managing the distribution and coding of security passes or ID cards. 

    Engagement Modules

    We can assign you a Dedicated developer(s) on a monthly basis as per your requirement Or we can submit Fixed Price Proposal in case you have any project specification.
    Additionally, we also take up projects on a Time & Material Model which are primarily engagements on some existing / on-going projects.

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    Why Choose Moodle -

    Moodle as a learning management system (LMS) offers several advantages, making it a popular choice for educational institutions and organizations worldwide. Here are some reasons:

    Shopify App Development and Customization
    • Open-Source
    • Content Management System
    • User-Friendly Interface
    • Ease of Access
    • Flexible & Customizable
    • Ease of Integration
    • SCORM Compliant & Multimedia Support
    PrestaShop UIUX Design
    • Global Community
    • Cost Effective Solution
    • Content Administration
    • Blended Learning Support
    • Secure
    • Reporting & Tracking
    • Moodle Mobile App

    What makes us different?

    We’ll bring our excellent Web developers and assets to shoulder for your venture. Our engineers have the skill important to make viable, refined website arrangements.

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      Peter Crocker

      Always fast, accurate and responsive, Virasat has been a great technology partner for us over several years. The team is very knowledgeable in a wide range of platforms and always works very hard to find the right solution for our needs.

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      Jason Benson

      I've known the staff at Virasat for the last couple of years. Their products are great and their service is excellent. They always go above and beyond to make sure that my company is satisfied.

      virasat solutions client

      Virasat is an extremely talented design programming company with I've worked very well with on multiple projects! Very reliable, extremely skillful, creative and offers very solid and thoughtful input throughout the working process. I recommend Virasat to anyone who is looking for an excellent online experience.

      virasat solutions clients
      Anyi Awung Ndongko

      A great team that communicated well and understood all the requirements that were set forth.  I chose Virasat Solutions because they demonstrated these qualities during the interviewing process for our project. I am very satisfied with the work they have delivered and highly recommend anyone to use their services.