Moodle 3.9

What’s New in Moodle 3.9

New features available to all or any users:

– You’ll now add H5P activities and make them gradable.

– There are an improved search and filtering interface for participants

– The navigation within Books has been simplified to form them easier to use

– Moodle now features a “go to top” link at rock bottom of every page – a relief for mouse wheels!

– Bulk deletion is now available for personal files.

New features available to teachers:

– There’s a replacement content bank for H5P which allows you to store, upload and make content, and grading and attempt tracking are now available to teachers.

– Improvements to the Activity chooser allow you to locate the things you would like more quickly, also as starring particular items and viewing recommendations made by other users.

– The Safe Exam Browser is now more configurable, so you’ll ensure it meets your requirements, e.g. for Quizzes.

– The “turn editing on” button has been made brighter and more prominent within the Boost theme

– A replacement completion condition supported “previous” means you’ll now move between activities without fear about losing your activity completion settings.

– The new federated social network site MoodleNet is out there for you to look and import content (preview:

New features available to Moodle administrators:

– Full integration of H5P and new admin settings available.

– Recommendations are often set for activities, and therefore the display of the Activity chooser is configurable, allowing you for instance to specify tabs.

– Licenses can now be added from the updated admin settings.

– User tours are often restricted by the beginning and end dates.

– A replacement MUA-funded feature allows you to quickly copy courses.

– Full integration with the new federated social network, MoodleNet, is now available.

– Open Badge 2.1 is now supported, allowing you to feature new backpacks.

As always, we’ll be testing the remake over the approaching weeks and can be in-tuned with each of our clients to debate individual upgrade schedules. If you’ve got any questions on Moodle within the meantime, please be happy to urge in-tuned with us or book a web demo.