History of eLearning(vLMS)

eLearning refers to the use of electronic media and communication technology and education. eLearning highly exclusive of various forms of educational technology in learning and technology. This named as Multimedia Learning, Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL), Computer-Based instruction (CBI), Computer-Based Training (CBT), Computer-Assisted Instruction or Computer-Aided Instruction (CAI), Internet-Based Training (IBT), Web-Based Training (WBT), Online Education, Virtual Education, Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) etc.

The term “eLearning” has been in existence since 1999, when the word was first utilized at a CBT systems seminar. This has been given various names as per relevance of system. However, the principles behind eLearning have been well documented throughout history, and there is even evidence which suggests that early forms of eLearning existed as far back as the 19th century.

Long before the internet was launched, distance courses were being offered to provide students with education on particular subjects or skills. In the 1840’s Isaac Pitman taught his pupils shorthand via correspondence. Pitman, who was a qualified teacher, was sent completed assignments by his students via the mail system and he would then send them more work to be finished.

In 1924, The First Testing Machine was invented. This device allowed students to tests themselves. Then, in 1954, BF Skinner, a Harvard Professor, invented the “Teaching Machine”, which enabled schools to administer programmed instruction to their students. It wasn’t until 1960 however that the first computer based training program was introduced to the world.

This computer based training program (or CBT program) was known as PLATO-Programmed Logic for Automated Teaching Operations. It was originally designed for students attending the University of Illinois, but ended up being used in schools throughout the area.

Then to now, eLearning take a birth and started working usually across various renowned universities. Then The first MAC in the 1980’s enabled individuals to have computers in their homes, making it easier for them to learn about particular subjects and develop certain skill sets. In 2000s After that this gains the access of information technology and eLearningOpportunities and get accessed by various corporate to train employees.

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