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How vLMS(Educational LMS) renovating the Academics and Educational Sector?

Education is the sole basis on which the future of the human race depends. The quest of knowledge is unending and will continue till planet exists. This develops us a prospective of looking at life. This helps us to build opinions and points of view of things of life.
We at Virasat Solutions loves to work on renovation of the core aspect of human life and the upcoming generation, We indulges in adding technological innovation in educational sector that called as eLearning and we developed a product for you called vLMS.
Hope you will be eager to know more about these and how this helps to create changes, vLMS covers from Basic to Higher level education:

  • K-12
  • College & Universities
  • Academics Support

Why vLMS?

This provides a platform where you can access the complete courses online and get instructed and educated and appreciated which too monitored by your faculty from any corner of the world. You may connect with any of the personal from the corner of world at any time as per your relevance. You may ask for support at any time and get your queries sorted or you may have a look over the process to get help via the courses available online.

Features of vLMS :

  • Course Management

Having availability of online courses for all classes. The education personnel submit the courses via various forms which helps them to reach as far they want and keep that for future too.

  • Talent Management

Take Guidance and counseling via the training courses and the available modules as well as connect with their interested management and asked for help.

  • Advance Reporting
  • Students to Teachers
  • Teachers to Students
  • Admin
  • Gamification
  • Credits
  • Praises on Profile
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Responsive Design

Benefits to have vLMS:

  • Online Courses Availability
  • Auto enrollment
  • Single Sign In or Out
  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable Costing

There are many more things to have a look on but for more info, You have to contact us at Virasat Solutions or vLMS.