OpenCart Moodle Integration

Fascinating MOODLE OPENCART INTEGRATION Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow.

What is OpenCart?

An Open Source e-Commerce platform “OpenCart” one of the best and simplest platforms to showcase your services and sell your products. OpenCart is a PHP based platform, comes with many default themes and free plugins. You can also use the OpenCart platform to see your courses online as products along with an LMS. As it is an open-source platform, it can be integrated with various learning management software easily, especially with Moodle (One of the best available LMS that have over sixty-eight million users worldwide). OpenCart development Services.

What is Moodle? What can we develop using Moodle?

Moodle is the world’s biggest, generally used and most reliable learning of the executive’s framework used by the greatest colleges, companies and associations. It is brimming with amazing highlights and alternatives, and it is totally free. While the stage is exceptionally amazing, it is additionally convoluted.  A Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, MOODLE is a free, open-source learning the executive’s framework or otherwise called an e-Learning stage serves instructors and students over the globe. It is the most generally used LMS with over 68 million clients around the world. It has an implicit single vigorous, secure and coordinated framework to establish customized learning conditions.
Hire moodle developers.  

Looking for OpenCart developers: Who can set up the LMS with OpenCart?

Contact us, we have a team of dedicated full-stack developers, who are ready to work along with you in developing the best E-learning platform. We at Virasat Solutions believe in developing an easy platform with e-learning and eCommerce capabilities so that a non-technical person can easily manage courses and website contents. We always provide detailed documentation after completing the work and a couple of hours of training to the admin. OpenCart and Moodle integration open up the chance to sell the eLearning courses easily. You can showcase the courses as a product on your OpenCart website. Moodle OpenCart integration are; 

How can the user access the courses? What will be the process?

The user will visit your open cart website first. Where all of your courses are enlist as products on the eCommerce part, the user goes through the list of products (courses) and add to the cart, After the successful payment or taking membership, the user will automatically get enrolled in side the corresponding courses on the (Moodle) LMS. The developer has to connect both the platforms Moodle and Opencart via SSO (Single Sign-On).

What is SSO? What features will it provide?

Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication process in which a user can access multiple applications or websites by using only the same set of login credentials. This prevents the need for the user to log in separately into the different applications. Single Sign-On addresses the challenges of maintaining the credentials for each application separately, streamlining the process of signing-on without the need to re-enter the password. Virasat Solutions provides a ready-to-use solution to integrate Moodle LMS with your Opencart via SSO (Single Sign-On). This solution ensures that you can sell your Moodle courses and contents as products on your eCommerce site with ease of use. Users can access both the platforms with a single sign-On.

Features of Moodle and OpenCart Integration

  • Users that register on Opencart after purchasing a course get automatically registered on the Moodle LMS.
  • It allows users to log in to both websites with the same credentials.
  • On log out, it will log out from both the systems.
  • It allows users to directly register on OpenCart and Moodle simultaneously using their Google or Facebook account(Moodle OpenCart Integration.

Course & Product Synchronization

Course categories created on the Moodle website are synchronized to the Opencart. This integration allows moodle courses to be sold on Opencart as products. Any courses added on moodle will be pop up as a product on your eCommerce site.


This integration allows users to get auto-enroll inside the courses on moodle that they have purchased from your eCommerce platform after making successful payments. You can control the auto-enrollment/registration process by using the enable/disable feature provided by this solution. You can enroll/unenroll students from the Opencart and it will reflect on moodle as well.

Custom reports

Using its custom report function, you can see the courses purchased data by users can be viewed under your Opencart website. We can see all E-Learning activity reports on the Moodle site. All reports are drilled down and you can view in-depth.


An advanced version of this solution will enable users to buy multiple copies of courses and to distribute them among their employees/students/children. In this Multi-tenancy section, they can manage the copies courses and enroll/unroll their users from using this feature. You can sell your multiple products/courses as a bundle products. It will save time for users and they can also get multiple courses at a discounted price. You can translate it in any language. It is supported by multiple payment gateways with multiple currencies.

User Interface

The UI of both platforms after SSO integration will be the same, especially the header, footer, and branding, so the user will didn’t recognize he is switching the platforms.

We at Virasat Solutions, can also assist you to integrate your Moodle LMS with other technologies and frameworks like:  

Yes, like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Opencart, Prestashop, Shopify, CS-Cart, Zen Cart, Big Commerce etc.