5 Reasons why e-Learning is Important for Organizations

5 Reasons Why e-Learning is Important for Organizations

e-Learning is need in direction of Learning and development for organizations. The advantages of e-learning is face-to-face or classroom learning, and many organizations are turning to with the help of e-learning save money, time and energy. Some common advantages in business with the help of e-learning are organization easily taught leadership, communication, management, human resource…

5 Reasons LMS is Beneficial for Business

5 Reasons Why LMS is Beneficial for Business

Learning Management System is a web-based technology which is invented for e-learning. Learning Management System(LMS) defines a learning management software application which used for learning prospectus. LMS technology used to plan, implement & asses a specific learning process. LMS is a product application for the organization, documentation, following, announcing, and conveyance of instructive courses, preparing…

Top 10 Moodle Plugins

Top 10 Free Moodle Plugins

Moodle Plugins are now the major need for open source community. Without Plugins, Moodle will not be as effective as Moodle is effective with Plugins. With numbers of Moodle Plugins created by Open Source Community, So, Its become a difficult task to choose the best plugins between them for users. To claim one plugin as…